Access 3000 Paging System



Access 3000 Paging System, Expandable, Modular, Telephone access, Alarms
The ultimate in messaging systems, Access 3000 is used extensively in many of Ireland’s most critical paging applications. From the immediate transmission of a cardiac arrest group call in one of our major hospitals, to the communication of a hazardous situation to site E.R.T. personnel in manufacturing industry. Access 3000 paging system is there, it’s well proven, and it’s in constant development. The system can call any of our wide range of pagers, send voice or text messaging and can integrate with Kenwood radio systems to provide two-way voice and text to handportable radios.Access 3000 will accept calls for up to 5,000 handsets from an impressive variety of sources, transmit them on the local site transmitter or remotely networked system, forward them to national paging, or S.M.S. them to mobile telephones.Calls can be made from;

  • Operator consoles.
  • Telephones.
  • Portable radio.
  • Fire / lone worker / BMS systems.
  • Alarm contacts.
  • Network PC’s / workstations
  • Cordless telephones.


Access 3000 systems can be managed on-site using Multitone’s powerful “MTERM / A3NS” management software. This provides database backup, call logging and reporting and call scheduling. The software can be used to network with remote systems and ensure that databases and call logs are updated.BP Multipage also provide off-site system management, remotely supervising your system for you, and performing system edits and reports at your request.



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