Courtney Thorne

BP Multipage becomes Irish distributor of Courtney Thorne Wireless Nurse Call Systems

Courtney Thorne Nurse Call Systems

We’re delighted to announce that BP Multipage Ltd. have been appointed exclusive distributors for the Courtney Thorne range of wireless nurse call systems in Ireland –  the first “fully wireless” nurse call system available.

The system comprises of a master touch screen panel, mini repeater panels, bed head call units, bathroom pull cords, over-door lamps, all functioning as a complete wireless system.

Touch screen

The revolutionary touch screen panel has a large 15 inch display and provides the ultimate in patient care and safety, with emergency calls always receiving top priority. The touch screen panel also provides a 10 year activity history for management viewing and printing.

Mini repeater panels

The wireless mini panels act as a nurse call panel for staff and as a radio repeater for coverage, making it ideal for corridors and nurses stations.

Bed head call unit

The bed head call unit is designed for use in bedrooms, day rooms, en suites and public areas. The unit provides 3 levels of call:

  1. patient call (from a fully waterproof extension lead or pull cord)
  2. nurse assist call
  3. emergency call

Each call point comes complete with a pull cord and an anti-microbial lead (which meets IP67 waterproof standards) and a wipe clean front with brail identification on the call buttons. It also has a built in infra red receiver that allows remote activation from a small pendant. There is an option for a second patient extension lead and the unit may also be connected to floor or chair sensors for additional patient safety.

Over-door lamp

Perhaps the most exciting development is the addition of a wireless over-door lamp. The lamp indicates:

  • nurse call – orange flashing
  • nurse assist – blue flashing
  • emergency call – red flashing

There is no cabling required between the call point and the lamp. A single 1 amp power supply supports up to 10 over-door lamps. This new development puts the Courtney Thorne wireless system on a par with even the most advanced hard wired systems.

Pull cords

A fully wireless pull cord is also available for bathroom and shower use. There is no requirement for interconnecting cable between the pull cords and any other device on the system. A very simple disabled toilet facility can be configured using the Courtney Thorne wireless pull cord and a wireless over-door tone lamp.


And, in addition to all of these great features,. the Courtney Thorne wireless nurse call system may also be connected to any of our range of staff pager systems for additional patient safety and service.


Check out the full range over on our Nurse Call Systems page today.