Lisheen Mine in Co. Tipperary, Ireland

BP Multipage becomes Irish distributor for MineSite Technologies

Lisheen Mine in Co. Tipperary, Ireland
Lisheen is a relatively shallow mine mining a tabular orebody that wanted to update their communication system with a more reliable one. The mine is very wet, and this has caused issues with communication systems in the past. Lisheen’s engineer reviewed a number of leaky feeder technologies before choosing MineSite Technologies’ VDV Leaky Feeder system. Though technical performance was comparable, the real differentiator was the sealing and ruggedness offered by the VDV System. The sealed amplifiers and connectors proved much more effective for long term use when compared to other more simply glanded line amplifier. The actual system consists of:

  • 4 Channel Headend
  • 48 In-Line Amplifiers
  • 35 Branches
  • Diagnostic Software
  • 17.5 km of leaky coax antenna cable.

Importantly, Lisheen represents MineSite Technologies’ first major system installation in Ireland. We’re delighted they have appointed BP Multipage as their local distributor to hold stock and provide first line technical support to Lisheen to ensure the current system operates reliably.

For further information on the VDV Leaky Feeder Radio System visit MineSite Technologies website.