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Your JVCKENWOOD Update – April 2018

Kenwood Comms Announce Official Sponsorship of MotoGP™

MotoGP KenwoodIt was announced last month that JVCKENWOOD have signed a 3-year sponsorship agreement (starting from the 2018 season) to supply the MotoGP™ Motorcycle Racing World Championship – the pinnacle of motorcycle racing!

As JVCKENWOOD’s DMR-compliant digital radio communications systems boast quality, reliability, and are capable of providing stable communications in demanding and hazardous environments, Dorna Sports, S.L. (the Spanish company that organise the MotoGP™ championship) started adopting the technology at March’s Grand Prix of Qatar. And for the next 3 years at least, staff members involved in MotoGP™ operations worldwide will use the system for communications.

Speaking about the sponsorship deal in their latest newsletter, JVCKENWOOD said:

Our digital radio communications systems adopted for MotoGP™ operations are compliant with DMR digital radio standards and feature high-quality communications and low noise, which are unique to digital radio communications systems.

These systems are equipped with a DMR-compliant, highly reliable relay system of Italy-based Radio Activity, which Kenwood MotoGP Supplierbecame a subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD in January 2018. As a result, our digital radio communication systems achieve a space-saving design and digital radio communications, along with high spectral efficiency unique to DMR-compliant systems, to meet the needs of MotoGP™ races held around the world.”

So, be sure to look out for the KENWOOD logo at racing circuits hosting the MotoGP™ Grand Prix of the Americas (3rd round), MotoGP™ Grand Prix of the Netherlands (8th round), and the MotoGP™ Grand Prix of San Marino (13th round). As an official MotorGP™ supplier, JVCKENWOOD will also be carrying out promotional activities using racing photos to enhance their brand’s presence.

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US Embassy in Japan choose NEXEDGE

US Embassy Japan - KenwoodJVCKENWOOD have been awarded a contract by the US Embassy, Consulates, and related facilities in Japan for its NEXEDGE® professional digital radio systems as tools for emergency communication among staffers.

As most of you will already know, the NEXEDGE® digital radio solution specialises in resolving issues confronting a wide range of users in the public safety sector (e.g. police and fire departments and emergency services), public service sector (e.g. electricity, water and gas), and private sector (e.g. hotels and retail businesses) worldwide. These include; ensuring confidentiality of communication and maintaining stable radio communications in tough environments. And it was because the system meets these strict requirements of users engaged in public safety services, that JVCKENWOOD were awarded a contract with the US Embassy in Japan.

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In case you missed it…

JVCKenwood Webinar - March 2018JVCKENWOOD released a brand new webinar focusing on the NX-300 series, TK-D240/340, and KAS-10 software package.

In the webinar, Mark Haynes, UK Sales Manager, and Stephen Edwards, Engineering Manager discuss each of the products, how they came about, their key functions, and how they can be utilised most effectively.

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Hearing Protection Webinar: 3M Safety Spotlight 2017

3m Safety Spotlight Webinar


3M have announced details of two webinars running this month, focusing on hearing protection. Both webinars will be hosted by 3M Technical Specialist, Simon Field, and attendance may be used towards your CPD points.


Simon has spent 6 years at 3M supporting the Personal Safety Division and has extensive knowledge in the areas of hearing conservation, protective eyewear, welding protection and powered & supplied air respiratory systems. He holds a BSc in Physics from the University of Reading and has obtained qualifications concerning the management of noise and UV hazards within the workplace.


He is also a contributor to EU technical standard development as a BSI committee member for PH/2 Eye Protection and is an active member of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) Head, Eye and Hearing Protection Product Group.


Each 45-minute session will provide a great opportunity for anyone involved in health and safety to learn more about hearing conservation, and is suitable for anyone from company directors and health and safety managers to employees who simply wish to broaden their knowledge of the topics. Participants will be able to ask questions in real time, both during and after the webinars, which will be broadcast live online.So, if you’re looking to educate yourself about a variety of workplace issues, hazards and training methods, register for the webinars below. All you need to join is a telephone and internet access.


Webinar 1 – Introduction to Hearing Protection Equipment

Wednesday 13th September 2017, 11-11:45am


Hosted by 3M Technical Specialist, Simon Field, this webinar aims to educate employers about hearing conservation and just how important and simple it is to protect the hearing of your workforce. Simon will also detail 3M’s unique 4-step approach to hearing conservation (Detection, Protection, Training and Validation) and how you can implement it within your own organisation.


Click here to register


Webinar 2 – Advanced Hearing Protective Equipment

Wednesday 27th September 2017, 11-11:45am


In this second session, also hosted by Simon Field, you will learn about some of the more complicated aspects of noise terminology and take a closer look at HPE selection. Simon will also guide you through specialised 3M product features and other electronic solutions.


Click here to register


Interested in learning more about 3M’s range of hearing protection and communication headsets? Check out our dedicated product page.





Motorola Accelerated Life Testing (ALT)

WATCH! Fascinating Video Shows Motorola Radios Being Tested to the EXTREME!

Motorola Accelerated Life Testing (ALT)
From being dropped great heights onto concrete floors to being frozen solid in a giant freezer, Motorola’s Accelerated life Testing program puts two-way radios through their paces to ensure they can withstand pretty much anything you and your staff can throw at them.

The tests which simulate 5 years of hard use and involve:

  • Water resistance tests – rotating 360 degree water jets, simulate blowing rain onto each radio.


  • Extreme temperature tests (shock tests) – radios are frozen solid before being suddenly thrust into extreme heat.


  • Vibration capsules – radios are placed in individually vibrating capsules to simulate rough handling and transportation vibration.


  • Rusting and corrosion tests – radios are encased in salt and fog to test rust corrosion.


  • Solar radiation tests – radios are exposed to a radiation chamber to ensure no surface discoloration is experienced.


Watch the video to see exactly what your two-way radio goes through to ensure it’s ready for a life on your site, factory or outlet:

Motorola SLR 1000 Repeater

Get Ready! Motorola’s NEW SLR 1000 Repeater is Coming Your Way!

Motorola SLR 1000 Repeater

Having trouble with dead zones or need to expand coverage to remote locations? If so, listen up. Compact, easy to install and designed to work both indoors and outdoors, the new Motorola SLR 1000 repeater  is built to expand your range without complications and grow as your needs do. The SLR 1000 will be the newest edition to the MOTOTRBO repeater lineup and will be available in the UHF frequency band and be capable of transmit power from 1-10 watts and has a frequency range of 403-527 MHz.

All initial reports indicate that the SLR 1000 repeater delivers high performance, high reliability two-way radio service, optimised for your unique workplace. Versatile and powerful, the new repeater represents a huge leap forward in technology, and heralds the arrival of the next generation of repeaters.

What makes it so special? Well, key features associated with the new repeater include:


  • Simplex radio coverage enhancement

The SLR 1000 can help extend coverage for simplex applications, meaning the use of a single frequency instead of the traditional “repeater pair”.  The repeater utilises the dual time-slot technology in TDMA digital to transmit on Frequency #1, Slot #1, and receive on Frequency #1, Slot #2.


  • Ease of installation

Because the best location for coverage isn’t always easy to access, the SLR 1000 is compact (12x12inches in footprint) so you can mount it on walls or poles. And since the SLR 1000 doesn’t require cooling from HVAC, you have more placement options. All while eliminating the planning headaches and added costs that come with HVAC.


  • Indoor and outdoor use

Since the SLR 1000 is IP65-rated for water and dust protection, you can deploy it indoors and out. Which means, unlike traditional repeaters, you have the flexibility to use it in places like parking garages, subway tunnels, and other potentially damp and wet locations.


  • Reduced total cost of ownership

In the past, increasing your coverage often meant increasing your cost of ownership. The SLR 1000’s fanless design uses less energy. It also requires less space, which reduces site requirements and the costly permits that go along with them. All of which saves you money. A full range of accessories including a mountable antenna, optional duplexer and an antenna switch for Extended Direct Mode are also available to increase the unit’s functionality without increasing infrastructure expenses.


  • The perfect voter

The SLR 1000 can be used as a voting receiver to improve your portable “talk back” range.


  • High reliability

The high-quality design has been validated through Motorola’s Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) program, and meets stringent quality criteria. It features a next-generation receiver design, with high sensitivity and improved noise blocking, so you can count on clear voice quality even in the worst conditions.


  • Expandable

The SLR 1000 works with both conventional and trunking systems that support voice and data, so you can continue to use it as you expand your network. For conventional systems, deploy the SLR 1000 with Extended Range Direct Mode, and expand your range without having to purchase additional frequencies.


  • Works on all MOTOTRBO system topologies

The SLR 1000 is capable of all MOTOTRBO system types, including single site conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Capacity Max, and Connect Plus.


Interested in learning more? Download a copy of the product brochure and tech sheet, give us a call ((01) 670 8555), or keep an eye on our Digital Repeaters product section as we’ll be stocking it very shortly.

Safety Network Live 2017

Don’t Miss 3M’s Safety Network Live 2017!

3M Safety Network Live 2017

On Thursday, September 14th in Dublin’s Aviva Stadium, 3M’s Personal Safety Division are holding the first ever Irish Safety Network Live event. Following the success of 2016’s Safety Network Live events, that took place all around the UK, 3M Personal Safety are taking their educational day of thought-provoking seminars, workshops, and presentations to Ireland. This is a free event aimed at all those in the Health & Safety Industry, and will cover and discuss several key industry topics over the course of the day.


Event agenda

This year’s agenda will include:

  • Messages with Impact – Body Talk
    Ever wondered how to win over your audience? The Communication Specialist at Body Talk will show you how to do just that in a lively, interactive one hour session. You’ll learn how to apply the same principles that script and screen writers use to hook people in and compel them to listen, and you’ll take away some simple tools to boost your communications in your everyday interactions.
  • Improving Mental Health at Work – HSE
    A Chartered Phycologist at the Health and Safety Executive’s laboratory in Buxton will discuss how to recognise and tackle workplace stress during this one hour presentation. You’ll learn what stress is and the impact it can have on your business and the UK economy, and gain knowledge of how to conduct risk assessments for stress. In addition, you’ll take away hints and tips for tackling stress at the organisational level.
  • Science of Safety – Rob Brill, Technical Manager, 3M UK&I
    Rob Brill is the Technical Manager for 3M’s Personal Safety Division in the UK and Ireland, who leads a group of PPE and Safety Technical Specialists who are responsible for providing expert technical advice to 3M’s customers and internal teams on the correct selection, use and maintenance of 3M’s PPE. During this 45 minute session, Rob will discuss 3M’s Science of Safety approach to improving PPE compliance in the workplace and the three main pillars that its made up of Selection, Training & Use, and Fit and Validation. This session will also explore the use of various tools and techniques within these pillars to help assess and improve PPE compliance in your organisation.
  • Fall Protection and Confined Space Access – Stephen Morris, Fall Protection Technical Specialist, 3M UK&I
  • Interactive Session on Workplace Safety – 2 Mac’s
    This excellent session will focus on how people’s behaviour and some of the day to day demands of work can cloud our judgement in relation to safety. It will show how time/work pressures and low risk perceptions can lead to unsafe acts and ultimately injury. Participants will be encouraged to interact with live actors and help them explore a range of effective behavioural strategies for resolving difficult safety based issues.


Daily Schedule 

On the day, the schedule should look something like this:

Safety Network Live 2017 daily schedule



You can register to attend for free by clicking here. Parking and a tour of the stadium are included. We’ll see you there!


Discover our full range of 3M Peltor products here.

Two Way Radio Accessories

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise! – Make the Most of Your Radio with these High Quality Accessories

Two Way Radio Accessories

You demand the most from your two-way radio, so why not extend its power and reliability with accessories?


In addition, to our extensive range of two-way radio systems and equipment, we also offer a considerable portfolio of high quality branded and unbranded versatile accessory products to help you unleash the full potential of your radio. Remote speaker microphones, listen-only earpieces, lightweight headsets, three-wire surveillance earpieces, PTT options, chargers, antennas, earpieces with acoustic tubes, batteries, lapel microphones – you name it, we supply it!


Both our branded and unbranded accessories are manufactured to the finest quality and reliability, are Kevlar reinforced, and come with a 12-month warranty.


Click on any of the tech sheets below for full details and product specs pertaining to just some of the radio accessories we offer. Or, if you’re looking for something in particular, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team at +353(0)16708555 or email Philip at

SMC Gateway Alarm Messaging - BP Multipage Ltd

Introducing SMC Gateway – Connect Your Radio System to ALL Manner of Critical Comms Devices

SMC Gateway Alarm Messaging - BP Multipage Ltd

Ever wished that you could connect your radio system to other critical communication devices? Well, SMC Gateway have just granted your wish! The new SMC Gateway alarm messaging system is a versatile appliance that enables you to increase the functionality of your radio system and other communication devices by connecting them to each other. Yes, SMC Gateway now lets you connect your digital radio networks (and other communication devices), to many other systems including fire alarms, nurse call systems, building management systems, cardiac systems, telephone, GPS, voltage monitoring, email, internet applications, social media, and websites.


Key features of the new system include:

  • Alarm integration
  • Text messaging to and from DMR radio systems
  • Email using SMTP & POP services
  • Radio registration events (ARS/RRS)
  • Alert calls
  • Telephone interconnection
  • Voltage monitoring via the power input
  • Third party connectivity via TCP/UDP sockets, HTTP requests/posts, external databases and more
  • Internet of Things “IoT” integration
  • GPS tracking
  • With the addition of the option board, the gateway can also provide:
    • Serial data (RS232 & TTL level)
    • Digital/volt free inputs (x4)
    • Relay outputs (x2)
    • Direct connection to Hytera MD655 mobile radio (not USB)


Powerful Application Builder

Most importantly, the gateway also provides a powerful flowchart-like application builder to create and edit workflows that in turn convert your customers’ requirements into the perfect working solution. The application builder provides you with a set of powerful tools to create and edit workflows, allowing you to convert your requirements into the perfect working solution – enabling you to maximise your investment in digital radio networks. Check out the the example below of a fire alarm interface which receives alarms, faults and other data from a Honeywell Notifier alarm panel.


SMC Gateway Advanced-Application-Builder11


The flow formats the data into radio-friendly messages and sends these out to mobile phones and digital radios, making sure the people who need to know receive the messages when they happen and can react quickly.

To download the brochure or you find out more information as regards pricing and installation visit our dedicated SMC Gateway product page, or for more information, check out the official promotional video below:



DECT Digital Intercom Systems

Kenwood Launch NEW License-Free DECT Wireless Intercom System

Kenwood Launch NEW License-Free DECT Wireless Intercom System

We are pleased to announce that Kenwood have recently launched a new licence-free DECT wireless intercom system. Yes, the Kenwood ProTalk WD-K10 Series DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) Intercom systems bring easy-to-use, full-duplex, hands-free communications operation to professional users.


What to expect

The new ProTalk WD-K10 Series DECT wireless communication and intercom system effectively bridges the gap between traditional two-way radio, intercom and telephony for single sites operating across wide areas or different floors, in an easy to deploy and use solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The series is license-exempt and offers reliable, free and unlimited full-duplex communication between users or groups of users on site with no call or subscription charges or licence applications to complete and without the risk of patchy coverage sometimes experienced with GSM use. For larger sites, multi-floor operation or to expand the system to accommodate more users, up to 4 IP54 rated WD-K10BS base stations can be daisy-chained to provide site-wide coverage – for example providing communications between teams working on the construction of a skyscraper.

Compact, lightweight and durable, the hand-portable WD-K10PBS portable base station and WD-K10TR transceiver Li-ion batteries provide up to 8/20 hours’ usage respectively on a single charge and when fitted with the optional microphones are completely hands-free.


Who will use this system?

The WD-K10 series is ideally suited to airports, visitor attractions, education, sports, manufacturing, hospitality, office and retail sites where hands-free and instant listen-only or full duplex communication is essential to safe, secure and efficient operation.

The full Kenwood ProTalk WD-K10 series is available to purchase from BP Multipage, just click here to view the series’ key features and to download the brochure. Or, check out the video below to find out more:


Kenwood NX-3000 Series

Kenwood Launches NEW NX-3000 Series (and why we’re very excited about it!)

Kenwood NX-3000 Series
June 2017 sees the launch of Kenwood’s latest NX portable and mobile series. These adaptable mobile radios support both NXDN and DMR digital protocols combined with mixed digital and FM analogue operation.

The new series is designed with flexibility in mind, as a result, it’s packed with convenient features like Bluetooth for hands free operation and built-in GPS location function. When combined with the new Kenwood KAS-20 messaging software, the series is proving to be a powerful comms tool business and mission critical applications.


Why we’re excited about the new series:

The NX-3000 series are the first multi-platform digital radios available on the market. They allow both FDMA and TDMA digital platforms operate from one radio. Simply select the digital platform required in the programming setup and you’re good to go!


Key benefits of the new series include:

  • Multi-protocol digital radio: Designed to operate under an NXDN or DMR digital, and FM analog protocols
  • NXDN Conventional and Type-C & Gen2 Trunking
  • DMR Tier II & Site Roaming
  • Mixed Digital & FM Analog Operation allows gradual migration at your own pace
  • 7-colour Light Bar Indicator on the top panel
  • 4-Line Basic Frame (2-Line Main/Sub – LCD, icon & key guide) / 14 Characters
  • 5-Line Text Message Frame (3 Lines of Text, icon & key guide)*1
  • 4-way Directional-pad (D-pad) for intuitive control and operation
  • Built-in GPS Receiver/Antenna for effective fleet management
  • Built-in Bluetooth for hands-free operation Applicable Bluetooth profiles: HSP(Headset Profile provided) and SPP (Serial Port Profile available as an option)
  • Renowned Kenwood Audio Quality can be achieved with Active Noise Reduction (ANR) that utilises built-in DSP
  • Software DES and AES Encryptions for NXDN Conventional/Trunking and DMR Conventional protocols
  • Built-in Motion Sensor (Man-down, Stationary and Motion Detection)
  • IP54/55/67*2 and MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
  • Available models: Full Keypad (w/ LCD and full keypad), Standard Keypad (w/ LCD and 4-way large D-pad/4 key), and Basic (w/o LCD and keypad)


The full range of Kenwood NX-3000 radios and mobiles will be available to purchase from BP Multipage late June 2017 from our Two-Way Radio Systems page. Meanwhile, check out the official launch video below to find out more:


Multitone i-Message Paging System

BP Multipage launches Multitone’s i-Message paging system

Multitone i-Message Paging System

It’s here! Multitone’s new unified messaging system, i-Message, is now officially available as part of BP Multipage’s Messaging & Paging Systems offering. i-Message empowers you to send messages that reach the right people first time, every time, in quick time. Manually or automatically generated, emergency, for information or to alert, i-Message integrates email, text, voicemail, video, paging to voice application using cell phones, paging, DECT, WiFi, two-way radio, or IP telephony – easing communication for improved staff and customer care.

For more information on i-Message’s key features and specific information on how i-Message can benefit a whole range of sectors (healthcare, industry, education, retail and hospitality), check out our product page.