Communication Headsets

Communication-enabled headsets provide instant communications between key personnel in an organisation. They also protect the hearing of staff members who work in high-noise environments.

BP Multipage Ltd. is the Irish distributor for 3M Peltor’s range of functional and comfortable communication headsets. Key features of these headsets include Bluetooth® connectivity, FM radio, voice-guided menu systems, and active listening capabilities.

3M Peltor MT7H79A Standard Two-Way Communication Headset - BP Multipage Ltd
3M Peltor MT53H7AWS5 XP Headset with Bluetooth - BP Multipage Ltd
3M Peltor MT1H7F2-51 Tactical XP ATEX Headset (Intrinsically Safe) - BP Multipage Ltd
3M Peltor MT53H79A-77 Flex Headset - BP Multipage Ltd
3M Peltor M2RX7A2-01 Alert FM-Radio Headset - BP Multipage Ltd