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Multitone EkoTek

Multitone EkoTek - BP Multipage Ltd
EkoTek from Multitone is an onsite two-way, wireless staff protection system that raises an alarm from the touch of a button, fall or lack of response from the user. With location details provided with the alarm, assistance is directed straight to the user. Suitable for professionals working in challenging environments or in isolation, such as laboratories, schools, factories, power stations, retail stores, hospitals or care-homes. EkoTek provides the level of support needed to allow staff to concentrate on their job in the knowledge that assistance, should they need it, is only seconds away.


Key Features:

  • Simplicity of use – users can carry either a display device or fob using a lanyard or belt clip
  • Emergency features:
    • A “man-down” alarm triggers automatically following a fall
    • A “dead-man” alarm triggers automatically on no response from an audit message
    • A snatch cord ensures an alarm is sent should the device be removed from the user
    • A wander alarm alerts a specified group as to whether a staff member or patient has entered an unauthorised zone
    • All alarm messages are accompanied by location information allowing staff to act quickly and appropriately
  • IP67 rating – water and dust resistant casing with the ability to withstand 1.2m drop on to hard ground
  • Communication you can rely on – should a repeater fail, the mesh network will reform itself using an alternative route of repeaters, ensuring continuity of service, whilst reporting the failure
  • All alarms raised and cleared can be viewed from the central hub – this enables management to take immediate pro-active steps to resolve any incidents
  • Audit trail – enables incidents to be reviewed at a later date
  • Anti-bacterial casing
  • Two levels of alarm – assist and emergency
  • Multi-colour backlight – for immediate alarm identification
  • Long battery life – rechargeable battery with desk or multi-way mains charger
  • Easy installation


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EkoTek in Industry

Advances in machinery controls and processes means that there are now an increasing number of workers operating factory equipment on their own – otherwise known as ‘lone workers’. As a result, there is now an increasing need for workers to be protected by a lone worker security device. EkoTek’s lone worker solution (with two-way messaging and personal alarm built in) is ideal for Food Processing, Manufacturing, Utilities, Plantations and much more.

  • Man Down Alarm – accidents and emergency alerts
  • Worker Location Reporting – finding the right person quickly
  • On Site Security Alarms – protecting against criminal damage or accidents
  • Production Line Alerts – identifying problems early
  • Alarms and Messaging – controlling staff and production flow
  • Engineer Assistance Alerts – quickly responding to down time


EkoTek in Government Bodies

government building

Employees working in local government/councils may encounter difficult situations, including dealing with members of the public working alone or communicating with other members of staff. EkoTek’s wireless, two-way communication helps protect government staff working onsite in local council offices and council run properties.

  • Staff Location Message – communication to and from staff
  • High Level of P rotection – staff assistance when required within council offices and council run properties
  • Rapid Response – when difficult situations arise from abusive members of the public
  • Accurate Alarm Reporting – reducing effects in service delivery and costs of an incident
  • Improved Customer Service – from operational efficiency within local government offices


EkoTek in Retail

As competition in the retail market increases, the one issue that retailers cannot afford is unhappy customers. One issue that causes customer frustration is the age-old problem of queuing. Another rising problem in retail is the growing levels of violence against staff. EkoTek’s two-way messaging and location reporting system can be used to enhance customer service and prevent loss of business.

  • Queue Management System – eliminate queues fast
  • Customer Assistance Alerts – help assistance button around the store
  • Staff Location Reporting – monitoring and locating staff for customers
  • Personal Attack Alarm – protect staff from violence
  • Task Management – send instant messages and make effective use of staff time
  • Till Point Assistance/Alarm – requesting more staff or alerting staff of theft or violence
  • Warehouse Alerts – pre-programmed messages sent to warehouse staff


EkoTek in Hospitality

To help you facilitate the continuous high level of service customers demand and to assist your employees in managing a well organised and efficiently run establishment, EkoTek’s wireless, two-way communication solution consists of easy-to install devices capable of locating and sending messages between hospitality staff and guests.

  • Improved staff productivity
  • Easy location – of staff and guests
  • Fast and efficient communication – with staff and guests
  • Staff protection – and safety reassurance in difficult circumstances
  • Better performance and task management – from staff with work duties
  • Enhanced customer service – to guests from improved operational efficiency
  • Staff and lone worker assistance – with work situations and customers queries
  • Accurate alarm reporting – so incidents can be dealt with swiftly with minimum effect


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