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Multitone i-Page

Multitone i-Page - BP Multipage Ltd

Multitone i-Page is a compact messaging system for on-site use, designed to assist businesses or departments communicate with all onsite staff, quickly and with discretion.  i-Page uses radio technology to deliver messages instantly in one of the most robust and resilient communication methods, giving assurance that instructions have been received. In addition to communicating with people, i-Page can be utilised as a fault monitoring device, as it can link with all your existing fire alarms and property management systems, keeping you informed and in control 24/7.


Key Features:

  • Discreet messaging to staff – all functional tasks for staff can be co-ordinated without disruption to other staff or visitors
  • Removes any lengthy phone conversations
  • Single-sourced messaging – messages to teams of staff can be sent instantaneously, ensuring smooth co-ordination of group staff activities
  • Private network – no obligation to third parties, you control your network
  • Cost containment – no on-going running costs or tariffs, irrespective of the amount of usage
  • Links into your business critical equipment – including alarms, refrigeration units, door alarms and alerts you if they are not working within defined parameters
  • Help your staff prioritise their communications – i-Page is discreet so if staff are already engaged with customers they can continue their dialogue without both parties being distracted by a ringing or vibrating phone, or broadcast voice announcements
  • Messages are succinct – the instruction is not lost in protracted social discussion between staff
  • Can be combined with a number of other products and solutions including:
    • Lone Worker systems – to provide employee protection for those staff who may have to work alone or are on night duty
    • DECT telephone systems – for your management teams who may wish to have longer dialogue between themselves
    • Alarm and property management systems – to give you immediate notification if an alarm is ringing
  • Simple to install and simple to use


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