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Introducing SMC Gateway – Connect Your Radio System to ALL Manner of Critical Comms Devices

SMC Gateway Alarm Messaging - BP Multipage Ltd

Ever wished that you could connect your radio system to other critical communication devices? Well, SMC Gateway have just granted your wish! The new SMC Gateway alarm messaging system is a versatile appliance that enables you to increase the functionality of your radio system and other communication devices by connecting them to each other. Yes, SMC Gateway now lets you connect your digital radio networks (and other communication devices), to many other systems including fire alarms, nurse call systems, building management systems, cardiac systems, telephone, GPS, voltage monitoring, email, internet applications, social media, and websites.


Key features of the new system include:

  • Alarm integration
  • Text messaging to and from DMR radio systems
  • Email using SMTP & POP services
  • Radio registration events (ARS/RRS)
  • Alert calls
  • Telephone interconnection
  • Voltage monitoring via the power input
  • Third party connectivity via TCP/UDP sockets, HTTP requests/posts, external databases and more
  • Internet of Things “IoT” integration
  • GPS tracking
  • With the addition of the option board, the gateway can also provide:
    • Serial data (RS232 & TTL level)
    • Digital/volt free inputs (x4)
    • Relay outputs (x2)
    • Direct connection to Hytera MD655 mobile radio (not USB)


Powerful Application Builder

Most importantly, the gateway also provides a powerful flowchart-like application builder to create and edit workflows that in turn convert your customers’ requirements into the perfect working solution. The application builder provides you with a set of powerful tools to create and edit workflows, allowing you to convert your requirements into the perfect working solution – enabling you to maximise your investment in digital radio networks. Check out the the example below of a fire alarm interface which receives alarms, faults and other data from a Honeywell Notifier alarm panel.


SMC Gateway Advanced-Application-Builder11


The flow formats the data into radio-friendly messages and sends these out to mobile phones and digital radios, making sure the people who need to know receive the messages when they happen and can react quickly.

To download the brochure or you find out more information as regards pricing and installation visit our dedicated SMC Gateway product page, or for more information, check out the official promotional video below: