Bosch IS76 Person Dectection Beacon2

Bosch IS76 Person Detection Beacon

Bosch IS76 Person Dectection Beacon2

The Bosch IS76 Person Detection Beacon is designed to allow the location of any person wearing a radio transmitter in the nearby vicinity. Its separate Ferrite Antenna generates a coded magnetic field which can be identified by the radio transmitter. Location reporting from lone worker or personal alarm is achieved using the IS76 R.F. door beacon and the S37L (locator version) wristwatch alarm unit, and alarm calls can be sent immediately with text locations to display pagers or DECT telephones.

Key features:

  • Frequency: 68 kHz
  • 254 programmable positions
  • Passage marking and efficient locating of patients
  • Reliable dementia monitoring
  • Guarantees fast intervention of staff
  • Expandable system (1 or 2 antennas), antennas can be installed outdoors
  • System operation supervision


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