Lone Worker & Man Down Alarm Systems

Lone Worker and “Man Down” alarm systems help protect staff members working in challenging environments. These include psychiatric wards, A&E departments, laboratories, confined spaces, security, manufacturing facilities, and intrinsically safe (ex) areas), where the danger of injury is much greater.

At BP Multipage Ltd. we supply the very latest wireless personal alarm systems designed specifically for staff safety and security. Key features of our systems include precise alarm activation location information, panic buttons, rip cords, “man down” functionality, and two-way speech facilities.

Courtney Thorne CT-WNP Wrist and Neck Pendant
Ascom A51 Alarm Transmitter - BP Multipage Ltd
Bosch Social Alarm S35 Pendant Transmitter - BP Multipage Ltd
TeleAlarm S37 Wrist Alarm - BP Multipage Ltd