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Multitone EkoSecure

Multitone EkoSecure - BP Multipage Ltd

EkoSecure is a long range personal protection system (with area notification and audible location) based on the Multitone EkoTek system. Utilising the EkoTek Maxi Hub and EkoTek Ethernet repeaters alongside a smart mobile pager, the EkoSecure system provides staff protection over a wide area campus – ideal for large locations where staff are mobile and move between. Users can raise alarms manually at the press of a button or the system can generate an alarm automatically in case of a fall.


Key features:

Mobile Pager:

Staff protection is provided through a two-way pager with location information plus an audible alarm to help teams identify their colleague. An alarm request is initiated through a large red button, which sends a message to a defined group of users. If there is no response, the alarm is escalated to ensure no-one is left unattended. In addition to the button alarm, help can also be raised through a snatch cord, man-down or dead-man alarm.

  • Frequency range: 2405-2480MHz/ 863-870MHz dual band
  • RF output: 10mW/25mW
  • IP67 rating
  • Alarm Functions: Emergency button, snatch cord, dead-man and man-down alarms
  • Loud audible alarm
  • Display: dot matrix, variable colour providing 6 rows of 25 characters (configurable)



A series of interconnected EkoSecure repeaters provide the network coverage, each with a 60m range. The mesh network provides enhanced resilience with alternative connectivity in the unlikely removal or damage to a repeater. Housed in a weather proof enclosure the repeater is mains operated with battery backup.

  • Frequency range: 2405-2480MHz/ 863-870MHz dual band
  • RF output: 10mW/25mW
  • 60m range
  • IP66 rating
  • 10 repeaters in one chain
  • 50 devices per system
  • Mains operated – with battery backup
  • Can be mounted either indoors or outdoors
  • Optional external antenna – allows radio transmission and reception to be optimised through the location of the antenna in higher more open areas


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