Bosch N46 Nurse Call

Bosch N46 NurseCall Wall Transmitter

Bosch N46 Nurse Call

The Bosch NurseCall N46 Wall Transmitter is a wall mounted, battery-operated multifunction terminal radio transmitter, designed for patients and nursing staff to make an emergency call, summon assistance or cancel a call directly in the patient’s room. The transmitter allows the resident of a home or the patient of a clinic, to easily alert the care personnel if needed simply by pushing the large red button. The system is then able to control and monitor the progress of the care personnel who attend. If upon arrival, nursing staff requires additional help, a call for assistance can be sent by pressing the round blue button. In all cases, there is an automatic call repetition until the call is cancelled.


Key features:

  • Simple and quick installation (no cables required)
  • Emergency call and assistance call buttons
  • Direct cancel function
  • Presence function
  • Terminal blocks for external buttons
  • Programmable function keys
  • Periodic self-checking and battery-level monitor


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