Nurse Call

Nurse call systems (also known as “Call Bell” systems) provide a vital link between medical patients and their nursing staff.

At BP Multipage Ltd. we provide and install a range of both wired and wireless nurse call systems from trusted manufacturers. Installation is fast and simple – typically one day for a complete hospital ward or care home facility. Wireless installation can normally be carried out without disruption to patients or staff. As part of each installation, we provide comprehensive staff training and a high level of after-sales support.

Courtney Thorne Altra Health Nurse Call System - BP Multipage Ltd
Multitone EkoCare Nurse Call Solution - BP Multipage Ltd
Multitone EkoSecure - BP Multipage Ltd
Courtney Thorne Altra Range - BP Multipage Ltd
Static Systems Fusion-IP - BP Multipage Ltd
Courtney Thorne CT-WNP Wrist and Neck Pendant
Multitone RPR950 Paging Receiver - BP Multipage Ltd
Multitone i-Message - BP Multipage Ltd
Multitone EkoTek - BP Multipage Ltd
Static Systems Medical Trunking
Bosch Social Alarm S35 Pendant Transmitter - BP Multipage Ltd
Bosch IS76 Person Dectection Beacon2
TeleAlarm S37 Wrist Alarm - BP Multipage Ltd
Bosch N46 Nurse Call
Multitone i-Page - BP Multipage Ltd
Multitone RPR750IS Paging Receiver Series - BP Multipage Ltd