3M Peltor DC2811 DECT-Com II Intercom System

Peltor DC2811 | BP Multipage

Key Features

  • Portable unit for use in a DECT-Com II conference with up to 9 simultaneous speakers in full duplex
  • The DECT-Com II conference can also have an additional number of listeners, all with possibility to enter as speakers in the conference, at any time
  • Headsets with different types of microphones can be used
  • Full duplex communication, but with “VOX”, for preventing from transmitting background noise to the conference
  • An “all call” function makes it possible to communicate common messages (simplex) to all users in all groups, at the same time
  • The portable unit is normally power supplied with rechargeable battery pack. (Can also be used fixed installed, power supplied in a special holder with AC adapter)


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