TeleAlarm S37 Wrist Alarm - BP Multipage Ltd

TeleAlarm S37 Personal Transmitter

TeleAlarm S37 Wrist Alarm - BP Multipage Ltd

Key Features:

  • Frequency: 434.010 MHz
  • Operates with the LE9 (mini alarm system) or NCII Wireless Nurse Call system.
  • Supervises itself with the LifeCheck feature that assures the facility that the transmitter is functioning properly
  • A simple push of the button will send a “call for help” radio transmission to any or all of the following wireless receivers:
    • NCL2 Local/Repeater Unit
    • NCM2 Main Control Unit
    • LE9 Multipurpose Receiver
  • Can be used for multiple applications from lone worker alarms to wander alarms to personal alarms
  • Waterproof
  • 3 years battery life with manually activated alarms per day
  • Can be configured to require a magnetic swipe to reset
  • Available in wrist or pendant style


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