Static Systems Medical Trunking

Static Systems Bedhead Services Trunking

Static Systems Medical Trunking


Static Systems MODUS and Ventura medical trunking units (often referred to as ‘Bedhead Services Trunking’) meet with all relevant Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) requirements, CIBSE LG2 lighting standards, and are approved as a Class 1 Medical Device. Features for infection control, improved reliability, energy efficiency, ease of system
upgrade and servicing have also been included.

Key features:

  • Anti-microbial protection – units include the addition of a silver-based anti-microbial additive into the powder coat finish, which remains active for the life-time of the product. Effective against a wide range of bacteria including MRSA, the growth of micro-organisms is inhibited and the resultant risk of cross contamination between patients is reduced. The use of silver as the active element ensures a safe product with no evidence of micro-organisms developing resistance, as can happen with other anti-microbial products.
  • Total lighting control – lights can be programmed to operate with simple on/off functionality or incorporate variable lighting control. For patient convenience, control of lighting can be provided from the nurse call hand unit; enabling the patient to take charge of lighting levels in their immediate environment. Dual control switches can also be wall mounted for the convenience of hospital staff.
  • Smooth profile for improved cleanliness – the exterior of MODUS units have incorporate smooth lines with minimal gaps and a curved profile to assist with cleaning.
  • Lightweight backspine – drawn from type 6060 aluminium for maximum strength.
  • Adaptability – recognising the changing requirements of hospital wards, MODUS units have been designed with adaptability and modification specifically in mind. A purpose designed universal retro-fit equipment box allows additional services and upgraded facilities to be installed without the need to dismantle existing equipment.
  • Complements decor – available in a range of colour finishes to complement ward styling.


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