TeleAlarm NC2 System – Wireless Nursecall System




Telealarm NCII System – Wireless Nursecall System

The TeleAlarm NCII Wireless Nursecall systems can cover a typical 50-bed nursing home with a single display/receiver console, but has the capacity for very extensive site coverage by addition of up to 16 display/receiver units.N46 bedside nurse call units are wireless and battery-powered, giving great flexibility without the overhead of site cabling. Battery life is typically 2 years (20,000 calls) and low battery is automatically reported to all nurse call consoles. Nurse Calls are normally made from the traditional pear switch but can also be sent with the red button on the N46 wall unit. Patient calls will continue to be sent until reset using the green button on the N46 wall unit. Priority (code blue) calls are sent using the blue button on the N46 unit.Each N46 unit provides relay control for call lamps and has additional connections to accept and transmit alarm conditions from medical equipment. In addition to being displayed on consoles, calls may also be sent to display pagers, DECT phones and mobile radios. Telealarm NCII functions as a personal alarm system and a patient wander alarm system, in addition to its nursecall application. Staff can use the S37L wristwatch alarm for personal security, and a version of this can also be used by patients (wander alarm) to give an alert at designated doors.



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