Motorola Accelerated Life Testing (ALT)

WATCH! Fascinating Video Shows Motorola Radios Being Tested to the EXTREME!

Motorola Accelerated Life Testing (ALT)
From being dropped great heights onto concrete floors to being frozen solid in a giant freezer, Motorola’s Accelerated life Testing program puts two-way radios through their paces to ensure they can withstand pretty much anything you and your staff can throw at them.

The tests which simulate 5 years of hard use and involve:

  • Water resistance tests – rotating 360 degree water jets, simulate blowing rain onto each radio.


  • Extreme temperature tests (shock tests) – radios are frozen solid before being suddenly thrust into extreme heat.


  • Vibration capsules – radios are placed in individually vibrating capsules to simulate rough handling and transportation vibration.


  • Rusting and corrosion tests – radios are encased in salt and fog to test rust corrosion.


  • Solar radiation tests – radios are exposed to a radiation chamber to ensure no surface discoloration is experienced.


Watch the video to see exactly what your two-way radio goes through to ensure it’s ready for a life on your site, factory or outlet: